Top 5 Overlooked Standards on Qur’an Memorization for Kids – Part 3 (Where to Start?)

Top 5 Overlooked Standards on Qur’an Memorization for Kids – Part 3 (Where to Start?)

Our previous posts in Part 1 analyzed the end goal of memorizing the Qur’an; one should aspire to memorize, as well as, understand and apply what one has read. In Part 2, we discussed the importance of how to present the Qur’an to one’s kids through correct exposure, engagement and most importantly, fair-use. In this 3rd part of our Top 5 Overlooked Standards on Qur’an Memorization for Kids, we discuss the importance of “Where to Start?” Many parents are not sure as to where to start their kids. This post will give some suggestions on what surahs parents can consider for their kids to memorize.

For parents who are looking to get their kids to learn Qur’anic Arabic, I suggest using the book “Al-Nooraniyyah.” There is a specific method on how to teach this book. You can buy the audio cd that comes with it or even use the app for Android or iPhone. It is strongly suggested that your kids know how to read Qur’anic Arabic before memorization. Using audio methods for “memorization” is ineffective in the long term.

In general, the rule of thumb is to find surahs that are appropriate for their age. I believe that the last Juz, (Juz ‘Amma) is actually quite difficult for very young children ages 3-4. Many of the surahs in there contain words that are no where to be found in the Qur’an. Some of the words will be difficult. Below is a suggested list of Surahs for each age group or by level. Note that this list is not definitive. Your child might be well advanced in reading and can go to harder surahs.

Pre-Beginners or for Ages 3-4: Al-Fatiha (1); Al’Asr (103); Al-Kauthar (108); An-Nasr (110); Al-Ikhlas (112); Al-Falaq (113); Al-Nas (114)

Beginners or for Ages 5-7: Al-Duha (93); Al-Sharh (94); Al-Tin (95); Al-Qadr (97); Al-Zalzala (99); Al-Qariah (101); Al-Takathur (102); Al-Humaza (104); Al-Fil (105); Quraish (106); Al-Kafirun (109) Al-Masad (111)

Pre-Intermediate or for Ages 8-10: Juz 30;

Intermediate or for Ages 11-13: Juz 28-30; Al-Kahf; Luqman (31); Al-Sajda (32); Yasin (36); Al-Fath (48);Al-Hujurat (49)

Advanced: All of the Quran. Advice: Memorize Juz numbers 25-30; 1-10; 20-24; 11-19

Important Note: For best results, try to base it on the students’ ability and level. You must gauge it and adjust as you go. But for those who have a regimented approach for their children, they can reference this list for ideas.