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Are you teaching at your local Sunday School? Are you feeling that your class isn’t really moving in the right direction?

Are you a principal of an Islamic School or Weekend School? Do you think your staff need an Iman uplifting?

Are you a homeschooling collaborative needing tips on how to incorporate Islamic Studies into your child’s studies? Are you wishing to teach and not always hire someone to come every week to teach your kids?

Are you a youth leader seeking to inspire your local youth group to become energized? Do you feel that your group is slipping away from time to time?

Are you an Islamic Studies teacher? Maybe you’ve studied Islam extensively and want to teach? Is teaching Islamic Studies the right career for you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you want to see this!

I offer training for the following modules:

  1. Classroom Management – Guaranteed Islamic-based strategies on how to make your classroom smooth and effective
  2. Incorporation of Islamic Values in Your Classroom – Effective ways to make Islam not just a poster on the wall or a play to be seen by parents, rather, proven ways way to make Islam a living and not an anecdotal subject
  3. Developing fun and challenging activities for Islamic Studies Teachers – Drop the workbook and start designing your own activities
  4. Lesson Plan Design – Easy, effective lesson plans that incorporate your teaching goals, activities and proper assessment
  5. Parent-Student-Teacher Communication – Learn how to communicate and deal with parents/teachers via email, phone, followups, conferences, meetings, and open house
  6. Cross Subject Collaboration with Islamic Studies – Learn how to make your subject interdisciplinary through Quran and Hadith incorporation and critical thinking
  7. Transformative Islamic Studies for critical thinking and college prep – Ideas and materials on how to take your Islamic Studies to a whole new level. No more of that old story telling. More real-life applied skills from the Quran and Sunnah to prepare them for public or college.

and many more!!!


“Thank  you very much indeed for taking time to conduct the Sunday school Teacher Development Session yesterday. Alhamdulilah it was an outstanding presentation which was extremely beneficial and motivating for our teachers.”

Islamic Weekend School Principal L. Zariff.

2 hour training session for Sunday School Teachers

2 hour training session for Sunday School Teachers


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