Year: 2022

Quran Reading and Memorization for ADHD Students

A concerned parent wrote to me asking about tips for teaching Quran to children with ADHD. Although I am not specialized in special education, my experience as a teacher for nearly a decade, coupled with my own struggles with ADHD enable me to speak from personal experience alone. The Prophet’s pbuh community comprised of the […]

Quran Bismillahs & Ameens

I love anything and everything that encourages and inculcates the love of the Quran in kids. And many cultures have developed different methods. Among the Indian Subcontinent cultural practices is to do a “Bismillah” and an “Ameen.” The former is done to initiate young children into reading the Quran. The latter is done when a […]

Of Dogs & Men

I’ve been getting some questions about Chinese New Year from non-Chinese Muslims who are either curious about the origins of Chinese New Year, or, would like to know if Chinese Muslims celebrate New Year. In short, Chinese New Year (CNY) is a holiday based on the Chinese calendar – a lunisolar calendar. Additionally, this calendar […]

Best Practices When Teaching Islamic Studies – Skills vs. Information

“Who can recite Surah al-Kawthar?” “What are the five pillars of Islam?” “When was the Battle of Badr fought?” “Where did Muhammad pbuh go in the Isra and Miraj event?” “How do you make wudu?” What is missing here? You might have guessed it. The “why” question is missing. Being able to think critically is […]

Navigating Theology & Inquisitiveness

I was once teaching the story of Prophet Solomon (pbuh)* in class with my students and we reached the part where Solomon noticed that the hoopoe bird was visibly absent. As you know, Solomon was not only a prophet, but a king. Therefore, he wielded temporal and religious authority. He had the power to communicate […]

Prophetic Guidance on Prayers and Discipline

The Prophet (pbuh) was the best husband, father and parent. As a parent, the Prophet’s life is filled with many examples of how he showed mercy to his children and to other children. When a man informed the Prophet (pbuh) that he had 10 children and never kissed them, the Prophet (pbuh) commanded him to […]

Making Ramadan Summers the best for your kids!

Ramadan 2016 is unique because it starts right when summer break commences. Coincidentally, Ramadan also ends around July 4th. What do teenagers do during the summer break?  Many use this time to relax, play video games, sleep, visit friends and waste time. To be fair, some are hardworking as well and use the summer to learn more. But with Ramadan […]

Is your H.S. Boy Missing 150 Jumuahs?

Let’s face it. Because it is required for men to attend Friday prayers, more often than not, it’s more of fulfilling a duty. They either come in early or leave later on Friday working days. It’s called making it work and handling your business. Parents need to teach their boys that concept as well. No […]

“Just Talk to them please?”

A few years ago, I was rushing to an appointment and I received a phone call. As my phone rang, I looked at the screen debating whether I should answer this unknown number or simply silence it and continue with my plans. I answered the call with great skepticism wondering, “Who gave my number out […]

Top 5 Overlooked Standards on Quran Memorization for Kids (Parts 1-5)

Top 5 Overlooked Standards on Qur’an Memorization for Kids – Parts 1 (What is the Goal?)  All parents wish for their kids to memorize, learn and appreciate the Qur’an. Some parents hire a Qur’an teacher to come to their homes while others opt for a more rigorous lifestyle of switching between homeschooling and Qur’an memorization […]

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