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Synchronous online learning is a safe, effective learning approach that helps students stay connected and feel invested in their learning journey.

Class Discussions

Discussions between students and peers provide autonomy and create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for sharing perspectives, ideas, and stories.


Teaching is made relevant through theoretical knowledge and balanced practical application through deep reflection and self improvement.


Gamification enhances the learning experience, drives engagement, enhances motivation, and creates a positive learning setting for all students.

Instructor Bio


  • Abdul Rahman Chao is a Houston-based community teacher and speaker with over 10 years of experience in teaching Islamic Studies. His philosophy to teaching is rooted in his own experiences and journey to learning Islam. Growing up, he felt that the Islamic education he received via weekend schools did not provide him with adequate answers to sustain his religious identity. After traveling overseas to learn Islamic studies in both traditional and formal settings, he returned to the United States and furthered his graduate studies in Christian theology, liturgy, art, classroom management, pedagogy, e-learning, and instructional design.
  • Abdul Rahman believes that students should be active learners by taking ownership of the learning experience. His teaching style combines traditional and western academic approaches to teaching Islamic Studies. Utilizing project-based learning, his classes incorporate lectures, group discussions, gamification, and assessments to help learners build their spiritual and religious formation in a fun, interactive, structured, and principle-based manner.


  • B.A. – Theology & Dawah – Islamic University of Madinah (2006)
  • M.T.S. – Vanderbilt University Divinity School (2011)
  • M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction – University of Houston (2022)

Our courses


I like the Seerah class because I like how Mr. Chao explains the things thoroughly to us and gives us activities. I also like how the things we read before class are reviews of what we will learn in class so we know what to prepare for. I also like howe we have quest points so we can catch up to your classmates and have fun while learning.
The class was amazing. He is very clear and makes a lot of sense. He is not boring but just the right amount of fun and interesting. My favorite parts are the games and the challenges.
This Sira Course was such a great class to be a part of! When my parents first told me that they signed me up for this course I thought it was going to be one of those classes with boring lectures and so on. But when I first came to the class, it was totally different than I expected it to be. We played games, learned about the Sira in a fun way. Mr. Chao was a great teacher to be with!
My daughter, 13 years of age, enjoyed the Seerah course very much! She learned the timeline of the blessed Prophet’s life, she understood the major events and how they impacted the history of Islam, and she would excitedly share with us new information she learned after the sessions. The instructor did a fantastic job keeping the kids engaged with his great delivery, he also led games and discussions to make the material memorable and resonate. I would highly recommend this course to parents who want to broaden their child’s Islamic knowledge and instill a greater love for the beloved Prophet Mohammad (saw)
We are so happy to have found the classes offered by Abdul Rahman Chao. Our son also is neuro-atypical and classes online can fluster him, confuse him, and heighten his anxiety. Alhamdulillah, the class was very well organized, the platform was very user friendly, and because my son knew exactly what to expect, he was able to get through the course without any issues.
My children have never loved an Islamic studies class as much as this one. The content is engaging, the classwork is fun, the communication is clear, and the teacher is excellent. Please do not hesitate to enroll your child. You and your child will be thoroughly pleased.
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